the mythic monster of the swiss mountains

Last April, Gato Loco was playing at a music festival in Stans, Switzerland. A small mountain town, our tour van was slowly climbing the winding roads, passing picturesque farm houses and roaming livestock. Running late for soundcheck, we were getting anxious, and as the temperature was dropping, we noticed a sign by the side of the road. An easily translatable message read : “Beware of Bungi”. What is this Bungi, we thought? Imagining a swiss form of Big Foot, an ancient lost creature of this snow-capped countryside, terrorizing livestock and stealing children at night. What is this Bungi? As we raced along to Stans, the light began to wane. And then, amidst the mist and lightly-falling snow, past a roadside guard, and beside an ancient farmhouse, majestic and terrifying, ancient and wise, we saw …. the BUNGI.

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