The Criterion Project begins

With the amazingly destructive power of Netflix and it’s addictive “marathon” re-programming of our society, “cinephiles” and movie lovers like myself have been nearly crippled by excessive streaming. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, and the list goes on and on and on. It feels like ages since I made conscious, emotional decisions about what movie I wanted to watch; what discovery was going to surprise me, or disappoint me?

Well — NO LONGER! With Hulu Plus’s perfectly situated answer to the binge-streaming, I’ve decided to delve head-first into their availability of the entire Criterion collection. Truly a masterfully crafted collection of films from across every decade and every continent, I will take the dangerous lessons of Netflix and apply them to a more substantive, diverse, and rewarding collection of films.

I’ll (try to) watch one per day, moving through the collection alphabetically. I’ll post short reviews of as many of them as possible.

And so it begins…..

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