The Enchanted Messa (2014, Winter & Winter Records)

The Enchanted Messa, 2013“Thrilling sounds, ideally suited to honour a beloved dead at his funeral in New Orleans or Havanna with stirring grooves. Pure fun!” (Downtown Music Gallery)

Live in Bordeaux (2011, Winter & Winter Records)

9101752“Exotic, and simultaneously urban” (Le Monde, Paris)

“Intense latin brass reveals the unsuspected connections between the origins of mambo and the abstraction of free jazz, while a battalion of percussion and lascivious guitars shakes the audience into a betwitching frenzy.” (ARTE Live)


Coconino (2009, self-released) 

coconino cover 7 copy“A barely-controlled chaos is the sprawling combo’s accustomed state and their pressing task is to harness that raucous, celebratory atmosphere.” (All About Jazz)

Malditos Besos (2008, self-released)

DeBajocover7 copy“The ultimate low-frequency band!”