Happy 2015!

We’ve been slow in updated our website, and frankly things have been slow in general for the Gatos. After our trip in april to europe, where we played some fantastic shows in italy & east germany, we stayed low til this winter. After being a band for this long, sometimes you just gotta cool your heels a bit. Everyone’s been pretty busy, though. Tuba Joe did alot of arranging on the new Zola Jesus album, and he brought a 6-person horn section along for the opening weeks of her tour (which included, of course, Tim & Jackie). Ari brought in the new year playing with Jimmy Buffet on a tropical island. Chia has been on tour a whole bunch with the Duhks. Stefan led a worldwide assault of baritone saxophones in 3 different cities to commemorate Adolphe Sax’s 200th birthday.

But, we’re here, and we’re itching for some psycho mambo. And we’re bringing it back, indeed! Here is a short clippet from a low-key show 2 days after New Year’s. Just. Warming. Up.

We’ll be posting more & more media & clips & photos & stuff, so check back in with us here, or on facebook or twitter. Does anybody use email for show listings anymore? You can sign the mailing list too.

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