Finally, a Gato Loco blog!

Well, I’ve finally made the plunge.  I’m not sure if people, as inundated with the millions of blogs and websites and myspaces and facebooks, really need another place for personal thoughts and ranting, but…

Gato Loco is headed to France in just under 3 weeks.  We’re looking forward to a bunch of great shows, a great recording session for Winter & Winter records, some good classes and workshops with the people of Bordeaux, and LOTS of great wine!

So I decided to create a Gato Loco blog.  I figure that we will meet lots of new friends and fans while abroad, and this can be a great way to keep them in the Gato Loco fold, updated with our goings-ons after we leave their country, etc.  Also, to maintain updates with our friends and fans here in NYC.

So this is it.  I hope it proves a fruitful and positive place for thoughts and information!

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