Our first venture into the large-band arena, Coconino has been a launching pad for so much of what we do now.  Released in 2009, and recorded, engineered, and mixed by Darren Morze, featuring Stefan Zeniuk (tenor & bass saxophones), Eric Biondo & Jesse Selengut (trumpets), Kevin Moehringer & Ric Becker (trombones), Joe Exley (tuba), Mike Gamble & Clifton Hyde (guitars), Ari Folman-Cohen (bass), Greg Stare (drums & percussion), Brett Tyson (congas), and Rich Stein (percussion).

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“A barely-controlled chaos is the sprawling combo’s accustomed state and their pressing task…is to harness that raucous, celebratory atmosphere. Zeniuk shapes a mottled glitz to disguise his leviathan’s dancefloor glide as they parade across the decadent ballroom, exhuming vintage south-of-the-border stylings.” (