A little slow, but we’re back on it

Well, it’s been longer than I intended since I last updated the blog. I want to thank EVERYONE that came out to the incredible CD release party at Joe’s Pub. We had a blast. For an idea of the night, there’s a lovely blog of the evening.

I’m sitting here in a hotel room in Amsterdam, officially on Day 2 of our 2nd European tour. Day 1 went very smoothly. This can be stressful and sometimes disastrous when travelling with alot of musicians and their instruments. But everyone loaded their horns and cymbals into the overheads just fine…. and the Tuba, for the first time in Gato Loco touring history, made it to its final destination on the flight that it was intended to do so. (I know…. lose a giant tuba flight-case en route? it’s happened to us MULTIPLE times!)

Once in our hotel, we were faced with the uncomfortable situation of jet-lagged musicians. It was 8am, (2am NYC time). We decided to wander the streets looking for a good, big, hot breakfast. We wound up wandering through old Amsterdam for nearly 5 hours. We never found that mythical breakfast.

Amsterdam is a beautiful old town. The inner city is laid out along waterway canals, and the old buildings (many of them are 400 years old or more!) are elegant and tilting. Throughout the day, everyone splintered off into sections, some taking naps to combat the jet lag, others wandering through the city aimlessly til late at night. 4 of us went to the Concertgebouw, one of the most famous concert halls in the world. We heard a favorite of mine, Charles Ives’ “The Uanswered Question”, followed by a beautifully orchestrated piece by Hanz Werner Henze, that really showed off both the orchestra and the magestry of a good-sounding room. Every note, every attack, was perfectly blended, sonicly distinct, and round. It was a real pleasure.

At the Concertgebow, Amsterdam

We are extremely excited for tonight’s performance. The Bimhuis is a GORGEOUS room, and we look forward to making full use of the space. The event will also be recorded and broadcast on VPRO Jazz, and it will be streamed live, as well as being archived on the website for a month or so. Our set will include music from both our first disc, “Coconino”, and our newest album out on Winter & Winter records, self-titled “Gato Loco”.

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