The album has been out for a few months, but I’ve been slow to get this info up. So here it is… Gato Loco presents : THE ENCHANTED MES[s]A!!!

The cornel of it started while on tour in Munich in 2011. On an afternoon off, we stumbled into a tiny music book store, where Stefan, on a whim, picked up a score of Verdi’s Requiem. Wandering through the historic winding streets of the Altstadt (Old Town), as the light began to wane, Joe Exley started joking about Gato Loco covering the Dies Irae from the requiem. The idea stuck, and by 2012 Stefan began sketching ideas for an approach to the entire Mass.

We tracked the ensuing music at the awesome Bunker Studio in Williamsburg, with producer Stefan Winter at the helm, and John Davis engineering. Ripping apart Verdi’s motifs and themes, we gave it the Gato Loco treatment; opening with Rich Stein on tuned Windsingers, the suite of music moves unrelentingly through a chaotic party, with Verdi’s original music only a distant, eery dream when faced with the energetic anarchy of Gato Loco.

The Enchanted Messa, 2013

Some reviews have already emerged :

France Musique : “Vibrant tones, a perfect soundtrack groove to honor a loved one at a funeral in New Orleans or Havana. A “Magic Mass” that degenerates into party, or people dancing to the sound of brass, pure fun.”

Südwest Rundfunk 2 : “A tight multicultural New York City band pays respect to Verdi’s “Requiem” with plenty of humor and raw charm”

Austria Concerto : “Gato Loco understands the idea of interpretations (and new compositions), infusing their arrangements of Verdi’s Requiem with the high-energy joy of life, irreverence, and with many ingenious twists and turns, offering many worthwhile listens.”

Aachener Zeitung ***** : “A racket of noise that’s appealing to the guys and the girls, with wild trumpets, trombones, tuba and saxophones layered over cleverly inspired latin percussion and raucous guitars… This energy and music is tremendous!”

Geschehen Zeit : “Fat party sounds and furious brass emanate from the speakers, seething with heat and joy. The love of life oozes from this album — one of the best surprises from this Verdi year.”

Jazzthetik : “Thrilling and entertaining, while being magnificently performed”

Hi-Fi Records : “Gato Loco resurrects Verdi’s Requiem with life and joy, reshaped to our present time.”

Rondo : “It’s crazy!”

Jackie Coleman – trumpets
Jesse Selengut – trumpets, mutes, and flugelhorn
Ric Becker – trombone, bass trombone, euphonium
Tim Vaughn – trombone
Joe Exley – tuba
Stefan Zeniuk – alto, tenor & bass saxophones, contra-bass clarinet
Clifton Hyde – guitars, fuzz bass
Ari Folman-Cohen – bass
Kevin Garcia – drums, percussion
Rich Stein – percussion

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